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W3C Releases New Mobile Application Guidelines!

We all know that the WWW or the world wide web has established concrete roots in the world of mobile communications, as each day more and more users are accessing Internet and it resources through their mobile phones. However, as with any other technology, an authority is required to oversee its smooth functioning.

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At CandidInfo, we understand the value of ‘Content’ and how it alone can make or break a website and its traffic. Since, we are in the field of website development, we know that it is extremely important to keep the content of your website as innovative as possible, yet keeping it streamlined and simple. On an average your website will lose 7% or more of your website traffic, because of faulty or unconvincing content.

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Apart from web development, designing and web hosting, we also maintain our CandidInfo Blog so as to interact with audience and readers who are interested in the same field as we are. However, blogging just isn’t about writing about something and publishing it on the web. Your blog needs to be informative and at the same time it should be attractive as well. In our search for some of the most jazzy blogging icons, we came across on Blog Perfume.

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Sending a plain text email is child’s play, but for web developing and web designing firms such as ours, email is more than just plain text. It is the fastest and the most effective way to communicate with our clients. Like us, many of you also send HTML rich emails to clients with information essential towards their projects. However, it is an arduous task to make sure that the HTML contents of your e-mail are consistent for all mail clients, as different people have different preferences. Such as, some would prefer Outlook Express over Mozilla Thunderbird and vice-versa.

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Here at CandidInfo, we create, maintain and host websites for numerous clients. But, that doesn’t stop us from having a bit of fun with our work. We recently compiled a list of numerous websites that provide absolutely free stunning and stylish icons for almost every all operating systems like Windows, MAC & Linux and the best part is that, they are absolutely free of cost too. Hence, we decided to share the cute compilation with our readers:

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