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Blog Footer Design
It is often seen that footers are considered lowest on the priority list of the entire blog design. In most case, the footers are basic, conventional and uninspiring. Which is quite surprising, since a good and attractive footer can go a long way in leaving a positive impression in the minds of the readers.

We have handpicked some blogs which boast of interesting and inspiring footers. These blogs show how footers play an important role in the overall design of the blogs. In some of them you’ll find that the footers showcase attractive visual elements and in some of them the footers provide navigation or other helpful information for visitors.

CSS-Tricks: A beautiful turquoise blue footer that also provides information about the author.

Web Designer Wall: An informative footer that gives list of recent articles, comments and the URL itself.

Web Designer Wall
Mr. Diggles: A contrasting colored footer that mixes well with the overall design of the blog.

Mr. Diggles
PSDTUTS: An eye-soothing brown-colored footer that is informative as well. Gives other useful links.

Abduzeedo: An attractive footer to say the least. The dazzling image is sure to bring a positive comment or two from its viewers.

Blog.SpoonGraphics: The perfect way to incorporate your blog footer in the overall blog design. Equally informative and gives list of top tutorials, articles and popular downloads.

GoMediaZine: A footer of the same striking color as the overall blog. Also gives user information, such as users with most comments.

We Are Not Freelancers: A nice soothing blue footer that showcases lists of galleries and recent comments.

We Are Not Freelancers
Problogger: A detailed footer that provides a nice contrast with the overall blog.

Noupe: A soothing paper brown colored footer that gives links to posts, news articles, etc.

Catalyst Studios: A diary shaped blog footer that is sure to be noticed by the viewers. Also features comments and related articles.

Catalyst Studios
Vocino: The footer is perfectly synchronised with the header. A good atractive black layout that gives list of latest blog entries, commentary as well as information on the blog author.

Viget Inspire: The dark brown footer seems in continuation with the header and also gives category-wise as well as archive-wise list of blogs.

Viget Inspire
Sam Rayner: The soothing light green color employed for the footer here perfectly matches the header. It also gives subscription option and related links.

Sam Rayner
43 Folders: A thoroughy detailed and well-structured footer that gives links of related articles as well as information about the blog.

43 Folders
David Airey: The neat footer is a good way to make the viewers feel uncluttered with information. Features simple links to FAQs, Contact, Portfolio, Testimonials, etc.

David Airey
Tutorial9: The jet black footer is extremely appealing. It also boasts of a simple lay out and gives related links in an uncluttered fashion.

Dreamling: A nice picture of the blog writer given in the footer is a great way to tell your viewers about yourself. The footer also provides some information on the author.

Positive Space Blog: A darker color has been used for the footer making it strike out and noticable. There are also links, recent comments and internship listings given in the same.

Positive Space Blog
Sawyer Hollenshead: An outrightly attractive footer that stands out for its visual appeal.

Sawyer Hollenshead
Productive Dreams: The footer itself has been divided in two demarked parts of different colors. A nice sketch of the twitter isn’t harming anyone either.

Productive Dreams
Loon Design: It’s always a good move to give your portfolio on the footer and this blog does the same. A simple uncluttered background also makes it stand out.

Loon Design
Blog Me Tender: The footer is almost in continuation with the body, which is good appealing factor of the blog. Nicely done.

Blog Me Tender
Soh Tanaka: The footer is beautifully designed and the blue color helps to make it stand out form the whole body.

Soh Tanaka
Brad Candullo: An interesting idea to give your contact information and a form to be filled on the footer.

Brad Candullo

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Product Planner was introduced in the market with the sole motto of helping people understand and craft user flows for their online web products! The main idea is to look at various examples that other successful web products have to offer, and then get a better idea out of them all. Then create your own User Flows and Demo Tour.

Product Planner
Product Planner is always immensely beneficial in crafting demo tour for web applications as well. The applications assist the user in understanding as to how one can use the web application by going through the work flow step by step with screenshots Continue reading

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Wordpress blog themes been pretty popular these days and with our developers churning our almost one theme a day! its time we share some of the tricks for the designer in you.

We have compiled a list of tutorials to help the designers understand as to how one can develop WordPress Themes.

Designing for WordPress: Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks has provided with a three part video in order to install WordPress. Here is the example.

Continue reading

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Free CSS Drop-Down Menu Framework not only works on separating HTML from CSS, but takes care of the fact that the CSS definitions are categorized properly, keeping in mind the structural and thematic types. This further creates an entirely new theme!

CSS Drop-Down Menu
CSS Drop-Down Menu
According to the Official Website, the features are:

  • Modular, with themes. Not only HTML is separated from CSS, but even CSS definitions are categorized into structural and thematic types. Thus creating a new drop-down means creating only a new theme since structure is permanent. What is more, creating a new theme is easy with available templates and takes 10-15 mins.
  • Easily deployable. The code and files are well organized. Available channels to hook up to your CMS or other tools as well as existing websites in XHTML format.
  • Easily transformable. Can be transformed by changing class name only. Available transformations: horizontal, vertical left-to-right, vertical right-to-left, horizontal linear, horizontal upwards.
  • Cross browser. Configurations available for Windows Internet Explorer 5 or later, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later, Opera 7 or later, Apple Safari 2 or later.
  • JavaScript only for IE. Minimal JavaScript code only for IE 6 or earlier. Can be used with popular JavaScript libraries Jquery or Scriptaculous. Everything else is pure CSS.
  • Super Fast. With the above mentioned features, it is not affected by any disturbances whatsoever.
  • Continuous development. The project is constantly revised and improved.
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Yahoo! has come out with an amazing Web-based Image optimization tool Smush it!
The tool is geared up with a lot of features to help you to minimize your page size and load time! One can upload images as well as Urls as the tool will assist the user to download the decreased file size image in a zip file.

“The Web-based tool, called Smush It, can perform multiple operations to shrink graphics file sizes without impairing visual appeal,” Chris Heilmann of the Yahoo! Developer Network said in a blog post.


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