10 Must Check-up Points for a Website!

If you want to mark a presence on World Wide Web, it is necessary that you constantly evaluate your website and improve it further. But, how to go about it?

We, at Candid Info provide website maintenance services to improve the performance of our client’s site. There are certain features you must check on quarterly basis to review the site. The same is done by our site maintenance experts also. This helps us in knowing what are the ideal steps we can take to keep the website effective. So, here are the top 10 check-up points for your website:

Most of the people make a website for their business without figuring out what they exactly want the website to do. You must know that website can make or break a business. You can create leads with websites, make sales, communicate with customers, educate visitors and create a community for your brand. Make sure that your website is more than just an online brochure. So, before you get a website made, find out what you expect it to do for your business.

  • Conversion RateConversion rate is derived from the amount of people who convert into what you want them to do divided by the total number of people who visited the site. This will tell you the effectiveness of the website.
  • Cost per ConversionFind out the total amount invested in running the website for one month and divide it with number of conversions. In this way, you will get better idea of the effectiveness of the site and ROI.

Design and Brand Development

You have to judge brand development conceptually, as it cannot be measured like conversion or cost per conversion rate. It you want your business to grow and survive in long-term, concentrate on brand development. Consider these factors to develop a brand:

  • Look and FeelDoes your site carry the fresh and exciting look? Are you able to communicate right message about your company through the website? Does you site look cute instead of being cutting-edge? Is the website made as per the current trends?
  • User FeedbackIt is important to know if your customers like your website? Check out the number of complaints or compliments your website has received? Find out if your website even provide features to customers to give their feedback.
  • Neglected SectionsDoes you website has some parts that are rarely updated or neglected? Do you still need those parts? Check out analytics to know the pages that are visited the most and what is the user experience.
  • MultimediaAre multimedia elements present in your site? If yes, make sure they are not outdated or inappropriate for the site page. Make sure that the load time should not be slow for the multimedia pages.


Right keyword usage is essential for the site as it keeps the content focused and helps in ranking the website higher on search engines. You should constantly evaluate and adjust the keywords. Ask these questions:

  • How well does the site rank for the keywords?Use keyword tools like SeoBook’s Rank Checker to find out how the website is doing on major search engines. If the ranking is poor, its time to change it. In case you are doing fine, find out the plus points of the site.
  • Find out keywords working well for you.Use keyword tools to find out the keywords that are attracting most visitors to your website. This will help you in finding out how each keyword is converting. Put yourself into the shoes of customer and try to find your site by using certain keywords. Are your keywords making sense to him? If not, then change them.


Security should be one of the major concerns when you are updating the site. If the site is made on open source platform like WordPress, Droopal or Joomla, check its security features regularly. You can ask following questions to yourself:

  • Has somebody hacked my website?If yes, then find out if you have taken the right steps for security. In case you have recently changed the passwords, then there is a need to get deeper into the matter. A hacked site is dangerous because it can destroy your credibility in front of the users.
  • Do you have latest versions of open source content management system?By keeping the open source platforms updated, you will get latest patches and security processes.


If your site is outdated or not performing well on the above discussed criteria, its time to update it. Pay attention to the design and function features of the website. In case the site is really poor in these areas, there is not harm in redesigning it. Some people might be reluctant to the whole idea of redesigning, but it will be easier and quick as you have learned a lot from the previous site designing experience. There are chances of the website harming your brand image because of poor features, lower ranking and unprofessional presentation. So, get it redesigned as soon you can. Even after getting the new site, it is essential to keep a track of its performance on quarterly basis. If you will constantly evaluate and update your site, it will positively affect your advertising, sales and brand positioning.

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