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Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform. If you are using it, you will probably be aware of the fact that the basic set-up is not enough to meet all your business requirements.

There are vast number of plugins called extensions or add-ons available for Magento to help you in taking the complete leverage of the platform. All you need to do is visit the Magento Connect Store & choose the plugin that your business requires.

If this sounds a lot of work, here are the Top 5 Free Magento Plugins or say extensions, we won’t say are crucial but will be great for your eCommerce business.

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Have you ever come across a website and thought that it looks amazing? Do you think your own website could be made better? If you want to make changes to your website but do not know where to start, here is a list of some common mistakes that you should avoid that will help you make your website look and do good.

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid for an Amazing Website

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5 Reasons for Small Businesses Need to Go Online

You have proven yourself a success in the brick-and-mortar world of business; but if you want to experience real success – success that will drive your profits higher than you have ever experienced before – you are going to want to move your offline small business online.

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Managing your digital marketing campaign becomes easier when you have some fabulous tools to help you do your work effectively and in lesser time.

A number of plugins can be downloaded for Google Chrome, Firefox and other browsers. Here is a list of some of the most powerful browser extensions-some new entries and a few prototypes- which will help you manage your search engine rankings.

SEOgadget for Excel: (Excel plugin) The latest addition to BuiltVisible’s plugins for Excel. SEOgadget for Excel collects data into Excel sheets from AdWords for link analysis and keyword research.

SEOquake: (Chrome and Firefox plugin) A powerful and handy SEO tool available for Chrome and Firefox to analyze PageRank, number of links and more. Simple to use and offers several parameters for analysis.

MozBar: (Chrome and Firefox plugin) Use this to find out detailed information about a web page. In short, the quality checker of a page. Helps you look little closely into the SEO of a page providing information about link data and other elements.

Firebug: (Firefox plugin) Firebug is ideal for quickly debuging, editing and monitoring CSS, HTML, DOM, XHR, and JavaScript of a website.

Check My Links: (Chrome extension) Scans all the links on a webpage to find out which are broken and which are valid links. A quick and effective way to find out all 404 redirects on a page.

User Agent Switcher for Chrome: (Chrome plugin) Available for Chrome, the User Agent Switcher appears as a button beside the omnibox and allows you to switch Chrome’s user agent to different browsers.

Scraper: (Chrome Plugin) As the name suggests, the extension is used for scraping the content of a website. Scarper is extremely handy and can be used to analyze data in spreadsheets.

SEObook SEO Toolbar: (Firefox plugin) A great Firefox extension for a competitive analysis. The SEObook toolbar is packed with multiple features offering data on PageRank, inbound links and social media.

Yoast: (WordPress plugin) One of the best SEO plugins for WordPress to optimize your site. A complete package of all tools you need to optimize your site right from content analysis, optimizing titles and description to generating XML sitemaps.

MageSEO: (Magento plugin) An advanced Magento SEO plugin to solve complicated technical issues. MageSEO is easy to use, comprehensive and available at just $249.

Download these plugins and let us know if they have been helpful. Have you used any of these? Are there any other handy browser extensions that we missed upon? If yes, let us know my commenting below.

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Ecommerce has changed the way consumers shop nowadays. It is the convenience of shopping from anywhere & anytime, which makes eCommerce sites loved by buyers.

If you have decided to take your business online, there are a few things worth considering so that your venture turns out to be a great success. Understanding your consumers’ psychology & habits behind the shoppers’ clicks will give a kick-start to your shopping site. Today’s infographic by vouchercloud is a detailed description of the statistics and habits of consumers behind the clicks.

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