Integrate Your WordPress With Social Bookmarking Sites

As a user, social bookmarking allows you to submit, comment on, and promote your website. While at present you can integrate your WordPress Blog with various social bookmarking sites such as,, Reddit etc, it requires you to edit templates and tweak on a couple of other fronts.

Gregarious is a social bookmarking plugin that enables an integration with the new Digg API, Alex King’s Share This plugin, Reddit button and Feedburner’s Feedflare into a single, easy to use package. Its AJAX interface facilitates customization, and the various options give you the power of control. Gregarious is a module based system, and it can have as many or as little features based on your choice.


The Modules available include:

  • Digg button
  • Digg extra (advanced template tags)
  • Share This
  • Reddit button
  • Feedburner FeedFlare
  • PostBadge

However there’s a downside as well and that is the author no longer guarantees support for this plugin as he’s pressed for time.

The General Features of the plugin entail:

Complete admin interface with options regarding all configurable aspects of plugin including styles, display options (show on post, page, home, etc.) Digg link style (button, image or text link), and more.

Automatic check for updates, so you’re never out of date.

No template customizations or coding knowledge necessary as the plugin handles everything for you.

You can choose the position of the buttons. Do you want them before or after you post content?

Digg specific features:

Uses the brand new Digg API to generate dynamic buttons.

Gregarious automatically knows if your post has been “Dugg” using DiggDetect™.

You decide what to show for posts which have been Dugg or those which are yet to be Dugg. You can customize the links, show a dynamic or compact badge, an image – or choose not to show anything.Digg Icon

Configurable “What’s this?” link, so your users know exactly what they’re up against.

Ease up on the bandwidth by using a text link instead of an image or Digg button if you need to.

Reddit integration

Choose between three styles of buttons, from the eye-candy laden to the minimalistic.

Customize the position of the button easily from the options page.

Easy to use with no work required.

Other social bookmarking sites

Submit your post to heaps of bookmarking sites with Alex Kings’s Share This plugin built right into Gregarious

Take advantage of further customization with options for Share This in the Gregarious admin panel.

Add, remove, edit or rearrange social sites for the Share This plugin.