Knowing the Site Page Load Time from Different Locations

Page load time is crucial for a website, as a lesser time interval indicates that you value your visitors and don’t want to keep them waiting at any cost. Candid knows the importance of Page Load time and always ensures that it uses tools like WatchMouse Web Monitor in the web designing services to give your site a lesser page load duration.

Whether it is the page size or the number of elements present on it, we check out everything to give your website the lowest possible page load time. This expertise of ours is getting us more clients who are looking for advanced website designing solutions.

If your website has a page load time of .00X seconds, it will fall into normal category. But a site with a lower page loading time takes the lead position.

If you are still confused about how to know the time taken by your website or blog in loading up at different parts of the world, use the WatchMouse Web Monitor Tool. It will tell the accurate load time, connect and download time along with the download size of the page. You will also get to know if you encountered any error while accessing the site.

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