10 Essential Firefox Add Ons to make Designing Easier!
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Bringing common yet critical layout elements to make an impressive and informative website design is a challenging task for graphic designers. The team of designers at Candid have expertise in the area and often look out for tools that could help them work with more ease and add perfection to the designing task.

We have come up with 10 essential Firefox add ons, which will make graphic and web designing work easier. These are really easy to install and you also get notifications when the new version of a particular add on is launched. Let’s know more about the add ons used and recommended by our designers:

ColorZilla 1.0

It is an advanced eyedropper, measuring and color picker tool specially meant for graphic designers.

Download ColorZilla


Fire FTP
It is a free, secure, browser based FTP, which allows designers to access their server via Firefox and relieve them from the trouble of launching a separate program for the same function.

Download Fire FTP


It is another highly useful version that will allow you to take screen shot of your web page. The tool has some in-built annotation tools to add graphics and notes on the page.

Download FireShot


Foxy tunes is a kick butt add on, especially made for those who love to listen to music while designing. The tool will allow you to control any feature of the media player from your browser. You can also find lyrics, covers and other things by using Foxy Tunes.

Download FoxyTunes


It is a highly advanced Firefox extension, which allows designers to overlay a customizable grid on any website. This will ensure that the grid you have designed in the layout is correctly translated to the web.

Download GridFox

IE Tab

IE Tab
This is a useful tool for the designers who want to check if their website is looking good on Internet Explorer. And if you want to switch back to Firefox, a simple click will do your work.

Download IE Tab


It allow designers to overlay a rules on browser page to verify width, height and alignment of all the page elements.

Download MeasureIt

Palette Grabber

Palette Grabber
It is a cool, little add on that will create a color of palette in Photoshop, Paint shop pro, Flash, GIMP, OS X and Fireworks depending on the current page being viewed on the browser.

Download Palette Grabber

Web Developer

Web Developer
It is one of the most popular Firefox add with variety of tools that will allow designers to code quality websites and deal with troubleshooting easily.

Download Web Developer

Window Resizer

Window Resizer
The window resizer add on will resize your browser to common resolution size and it will also allow you to view website designs on different browsing dimensions.

Download Window Resizer

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