Reviewing the Quality of Web Page with YAML Debug

YAML Debug
The new YAML Debug Tool is really handy for web designers who want to leave no flaws in their work. The assistive tool allows one to quick review the quality of code and semantic structure during website designing. The tool also helps in testing the site against common oversights.

Here are some features of YAML Debug:

Webpage Information

Based on the detected Doctype, YAML Debug informs you if the webpage will be rendered in Quirk mode or in Standard mode. It can detect the content encoding as well as count all the external style sheets, images and script elements on the page.

Code Quality Test

With YAML you can check a webpage against missing or empty alt attributes in deprecated HTML elements, in elements, find empty elements as well as the elements containing inline styles.

Stylesheet Options

The stylesheet options are also available in YAML Debug, where all the external and embedded style sheets are listed in source order. You can disable or enable a stylesheet by clicking on it. Along with this, every external stylesheet can be viewed and send directly for the W3C CSS validation service.

Accessibility Test

The features of YAML tool can help the web developers to detect the various accessibility issues on their webpage.

The versatile features of YAML Debug helps in rectifying the problem with a webpage before it gets worse. It is becoming the most preferred tool of web designers for doing an error free job.