Online .htaccess Editor: A Perfect Mode to Create .htaccess Files

htaccess Editor
The best part of having a .htaccess file is that it enables the user to customize the configurations for requests to a particular directory. The experts at Candid know that web servers and most commonly Apache have .htaccess as the default name in the configuration files of directory level. But, creating a .htaccess file can be a time consuming and tedious job. In an attempt to improve upon our web development services, team Candid creates .htaccess files with online .htaccess editor.

Creating a .htaccess file online is a simple and time saving job. All you are required to do is fill up the form provided, create a copy and paste the text from the textarea box of .htaccess files. The tools provided with the editor let you set things like default pages, redirects, authentication and access restrictions. With many .htaccess online generators present in market, we always aim at using the best of the tools to provide quick and reliable solutions to clients.